Liane Marie was born and raised in Birmingham and later moved to London with her mother in 1995.

She has been singing since the early age of 5 and was known in school as a huge personality and vocal power house!

Aged 18 she worked with renowned producer Anthony Marshall where her foundation in Christ and as an artist was developed. Her uniqueness and vocal abilities gave her opportunities to do session work for many well known artists.

Liane Marie's singing and ministry has taken her to countries like Germany, Holland, Ghana & South Africa. 

She ministers in various churches across the UK and in 2009 was crowned winner of "Just out of this world", a gospel competition. 

Her passion for music became a passion to change lives and touch hearts. She currently serves as a worship leader at Vinechurch London which is affiliated with KICC and holds her own yearly conference "Pregnant with Destiny", where she flows as a preacher/ teacher. She is supported by her Pastor Soji Otudeko who encourages and endorses her to go out and be a blessing to the nations. Her heart of worship captures the heart of many as she draws people into the presence of God as a prophetic and dynamic worship leader.

"Faithful God" is Liane-Marie's anthem, an expression of God's goodness and faithfulness to her in good times and in challenging seasons. Her faith in God has kept her through the storms and trials of life so it is no surprise that this would be the first song that came straight from her heart to the world. 

In her own words she says "for me music is an atmosphere that can either exalt man or usher people straight to the throne room of God. Music is an international language that crosses many borders and touches even the hardest of hearts."

"I sing about the Lord because he has done great things in my life and it would be selfish to not want others to experience those things too" :)

Much love,

Liane Marie

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